Celebrations of St Demetrius the New begin in Bucharest

Celebrations of St Demetrius the New begin in Bucharest

On Thursday, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel welcomed the holy relics of Saint Demetrius the New and Saint Callinicus of Cernica at the outdoor altar next to the Patriarchal Cathedral marking the beginning of the celebrations of Bucharest’s spiritual protector Saint Demetrius of Basarabov.

According to tradition, on the feast of St Demetrius other holy relics are brought to be venerated by the thousands of believers who come to Bucharest every year on this occasion, reports basilica.ro.

This year, with the Patriarch’s blessing, the relics of Romania’s first glorified saint Callinicus of Cernica join the festivities.

After being carried in procession, the two reliquaries were enshrined at the baldachin on the top of the Patriarchate’s Hill, while a polychronion was chanted for the Patriarch of Romania.

In his speech, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel referred to St Callinicus of Cerncia and his outstanding activity in the religious and cultural fields.

He called St Callinicus ‘a wise spiritual director and a merciful father’, also stressing the Saint’s academic work and the fact that he founded churches and monasteries.

‘Saint Callinicus was a learned person, a good organizer, a talented church builder, and the founder of the Diocesan Cathedral in Ramnicu Valcea,’ the Patriarch added.

Thursday evening at 18.00, will be officiated the All-night Vigil in honour of Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-Gusher of Thessalonica.

The Venerable Saint Demetrius the New was an ascetic who lived in the village of Basarabov, Bulgaria, and who became the Patron Saint of Bucharest.

This year’s celebrations of St Demetrius the New will end on Monday, October 29.

Photo: Mircea Florescu / Basilica.ro


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